BirdsEyeView is a Java application that maps experimental data to different cell compartments, pathways, and GO Ontology categories in order to give a "bird's eye view" of the data.

BirdsEyeView can accept .csv (comma-separated) expression files or seperate text files (see the examples below) of any size. For a large data set, each dot in the program may represent multiple biomolecules. Users can set the number of biomolecules that each dot represents, although there is a minimum number for each dot to allow the data to be shown in the limited space.

The color of each dot represents a range of expression levels. The user can customize both the ranges and the colors.

If one dot represents too many biomolecules, it may not be possible to display all of the annotation information in the bottom text panel. Currently, the program will pop up a new window to show the annotation information when the number of biomolecules represented in each dot is greater than 10. However, the user can change this number.

All the above changes are made in the legend panel. Click the "apply" button to apply the changes.

Run Current Beta Version (Java Web Start) Last Update: 07-15-2012

local run version 06-2012 Click run.bat or after unzipped

Example data:

Contact: Lifeng Zhang