We thank the following people for their contributions and expertise towards the MetNet curated network to date.

Ron Mittler oxidative stress University Nevada, Reno
Martha James starch metabolism Iowa State University
Andreas Weber plastid transport Michigan State University
Basil Nikolau cuticular wax & biotin Iowa State University
Brenda Winkle flavonoid metabolism Virginia Polytechnic
David Oliver glutathione network Iowa State University
Diane Bassham autophagy Iowa State University
Eve Wurtele acetyl-CoA metabolism Iowa State University
Markus Lange isoprenoids Washington State
J. Ohlrogge, F.Beisson fatty acid metabolism Michigan State University
Peter Hedden gibberellin metabolism Rothamsted Research, UK
Elizabeth Winters biotin metabolism U. Nebraska, Lincoln

The following databases have been put into the MetNetDB database and can be explored with the MetNet tools:

Seung Rhee
Peifen Zhang
Lukas Mueller
Aracyc (

and soon...

Markus Lange BioPathAt (
Mark Stitt and Bjoern Usadel MapMan (

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