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Hypericum perforatum Species Overview

Experiment: MedPlntConsort (Medicinal Plant Consortium - metabolomic and transcriptomic data from selected plant materials)

Co-analysis of metabolomics and transcriptomics data is available. To identify the transcripts whose levels are most closely correlated with a metabolite, click on that metabolite. In the window that opens, click on [Go to omics analysis]

Sample Name ReplicatesDescription
Open Flower3
Whole Petal from Open Flower3
Petal Region with Glandular Nodules (Open Flower)3
Petal Region without Glandular Nodules (Open Flower)3
Whole Flower Bud2
Whole Flower Bud Petal3
Pistil, Stamen, and Sepal (Flower Bud)3
Whole Young Leaf2
Whole Old Leaf2
Young Leaf Without Light Glands3
Mid-Aged Leaf Without Light Glands3
Old Leaf Without Light Glands3
Mid-Aged Root3
Root With Elongation Zone2

1 Platforms

Platform: HPLC-UV 10um NH4AC, 9:1 ACN:MEOH

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+ Biological metadata
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