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Hoodia gordonii Species Overview

Experiment: MedPlntConsort (Medicinal Plant Consortium - metabolomic and transcriptomic data from selected plant materials)

Co-analysis of metabolomics and transcriptomics data is available. To identify the transcripts whose levels are most closely correlated with a metabolite, click on that metabolite. In the window that opens, click on [Go to omics analysis]

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Platform: Hoodia LC/TOF MS Positive Ion

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Chemically defined metabolites in this experiment:

Gordonoside D, isomer 1
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-1010.66_19.65  [M+NH4]+
Gordonoside D, isomer 2
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-1010.69_20.59  [M+NH4]+
Gordonoside D, isomer 3
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-1010.7_23.44  [M+NH4]+
Gordonoside H
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-1058.68_13.52  [M+NH4]+
Gordonoside I
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-1154.69_20.94  [M+NH4]+
Hoodigoside A
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-752.41_4.59  [M+NH4]+
Hoodigoside B
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-912.5_4.35  [M+NH4]+
Hoodigoside C or W, Gordonside B or C
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-1040.71_21.76  [M+NH4]+
Hoodigoside D
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-1056.7_17.43  [M+NH4]+
Hoodigoside F and Hoodigoside G
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-1202.72_15.72  [M+NH4]+
Hoodigoside H and Hoodigoside I
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-1186.68_19.39  [M+NH4]+
Hoodigoside J
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-1172.76_17.34  [M+NH4]+
Hoodigoside K
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-916.57_7.27  [M+NH4]+
Hoodigoside L isomer 1
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-1224.64_9.28  [M+NH4]+
Hoodigoside L isomer 2
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-1224.64_10.08  [M+NH4]+
Hoodigoside M
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-1142.59_4.51  [M+NH4]+
Hoodigoside O
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-1062.56_11.2  [M+NH4]+
Hoodigoside P isomer 1
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-1208.74_12.53  [M+NH4]+
Hoodigoside P isomer 2
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-1208.75_13.44  [M+NH4]+
Hoodigoside Q
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-1368.84_10.97  [M+NH4]+
Hoodigoside R isomer 1
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-1352.84_14.37  [M+NH4]+
Hoodigoside R isomer 2
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-1352.79_15.52  [M+NH4]+
Hoodigoside T isomer 1
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-1334.85_21.02  [M+NH4]+
Hoodigoside T isomer 2
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-1334.86_22.11  [M+NH4]+
Hoodigoside V
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-900.59_18.63  [M+NH4]+
Hoodigoside Z
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-1044.66_11.21  [M+NH4]+
Hoodistanaloside A
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-932.48_3.92  [M+NH4]+
Hoodistanaloside B
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-914.58_10.53  [M+NH4]+
Kaempferol dihexoside
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-1221.43_3.49  [2M+H]+
Kaempferol dihexoside
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-611.19_3.5  [M+H]+
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-896.5_5.09  [M+NH4]+
Telmisartan standard
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-1029.55_4.94  [2M+H]+
Telmisartan standard
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-1067.53_4.93  [2M+K]+
Telmisartan standard
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-258.13_4.92  [M+2H]2+
Telmisartan standard
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-305.2_4.92  fragment
Telmisartan standard
        EAPE-Hg-HPLC-E-POS-F1-515.24_4.91  [M+H]+

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