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How to use the Plant & Microbial Metabolomics Resource (A tutorial video on the youtube)

Step 1. Select a species you are interested in on the left SPECIES menu on Figure 1

Step 2. Select an experiment on Figure 1

Main Page
Figure 1. Species & experiment list on the main page

Step 3. Select a sample to check the reproducibility of the data on selected experiment page on Figure 2

Step 4. To search metabolites on selected experiment page, click the serach button on the Metabolite Search on Figure 2

Step 5. To generate volcano plots on selected experiment page, click the Generate Plot button on Volcano Plot on Figure 2

Experiment Page
Figure 2. An experiment page

Scatter Matrix Plot on Step 3. Select a sample to evaluate the reproducibility of biological replicates of any sample

Scatterplot Matrix Example

VOLCANO PLOT on Step 5. Select VOLCANO PLOT to obtain an intractive plot of metabolite accumulation data in any two samples

Volcano Plot Example Ratio Plot Calculations

More on Step 5. From volcano plots, you may select any metabolite to view details about its structural properties and accumulation profile

From an experiment page, you may also: