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Hoodigoside H and Hoodigoside I ( class : Steroidal glycoside)

      Basic compound information

Experimental aligned m/z1186.6809
Nominal mass1186
Retention time (min)19.39
ID based uponMolecular and fragment masses
Metabolite annotationHoodigoside H and Hoodigoside I
Elemental formula of neutral metaboliteC60H96O22
Theoretical m/z1186.6731
CommentsIsomers coelute and have identical fragment masses; fragments:1151,457, 273; CAS #946409-70-7; KNApSAcK #C00035650
D m/z (ppm)6.5
Even nominal mass?TRUE
Ion type[M+NH4]+
MarkerLynx Significance Score0.2152
Relative mass defect (ppm)574

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