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tetradecanoic acid ( class : eFA)

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Metabolite annotationTetradecanoic acid
CitationsPollard, M. R., L. Anderson, et al. (1991). ""A specific acyl-ACP thioesterase implicated in medium-chain fatty acid production in immature cotyledons of Umbellularia californica."" Arch Biochem Biophys 284(2): 306-12.
Comments Concerning Namessynonym = myristic acid or myristate; probably premature termination of fatty acid biosynthesis - catalyzed by acyl-ACP thioesterase
Compound FormulaC14H28O2
Metabolite sub-classeFA
MetNet pathway nametetradecanoic acid
MetNetDB ID156477
MetNetDB metabolite nameTetradecanoic acid
Molecular weight228.3709
Pathwayfatty acid biosynthesis - initial steps

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