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Oleic acid, 3-hydroxypropyl ester ( class : fFA)

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Metabolite annotationOleic acid, 3-hydroxypropyl ester
CitationsLardizabal, K. D., J. G. Metz, et al. (2000). ""Purification of a jojoba embryo wax synthase, cloning of its cDNA, and production of high levels of wax in seeds of transgenic arabidopsis."" Plant Physiol 122(3): 645-55.
Comments Concerning Namesprobably a wax synthase-like reaction between oleoyl-CoA and 1,3-dihydroxypropane
Compound FormulaC21H40O3
Metabolite sub-classfFA
MetNet pathway nameoleic acid, 3-hydroxypropyl ester
MetNetDB ID154602
MetNetDB metabolite nameOleic acid, 3-hydroxypropyl ester
Molecular weight340.5405
Pathwaycuticular wax, epicuticular wax biosynthesis

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