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3,17,20-trihydroxy-Pregn-5-en-11-one ( class : UK)

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Metabolite annotation3,17,20-trihydroxy-Pregn-5-en-11-one
Comments Concerning Namestalk to Song about this, Song: it is possible a hormone in plant, but not this compound, I cannot find this compound in plant. I suggest to change it to unknown : ASK SONG IF THIS IS A STEROL (FIND VIA CAS #) Song: Not; change from ST, IS to UK, UK
Compound FormulaC21H32O4
Metabolite sub-classUK
MetNetDB metabolite name3,17,20-trihydroxy-Pregn-5-en-11-one
Molecular weight348.48
PathwaySong: 3,17,20-trihydroxy-Pregn-5-en-11-one is not a sterol, it is C21-steroids.Steroids includes sterol, C21-steroids and other metabolites.

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