exploRase is a MetNet tool written in R for the exploratory multivariate analysis of Systems Biology data. It provides a graphical user interface (GUI) on top of the analysis functionality provided by R and the Bioconductor project. exploRase is designed to be accessible to biologists analyzing omics data in the context of metabolic and regulatory networks.



exploRase with GGobi plots
ExploRase with GGobi graphics

exploRase filter interface
ExploRase filter interface

exploRase pattern finder
ExploRase pattern finder



This work is funded by NSF Arabidopsis 2010 grants DB10209809 and DB10520267. The people involved in the development are Eun-Kyung Lee, Di Cook, Michael Lawrence, Heike Hofmann, Hai-Qing You, Eve Wurtele, Dongshin Kim, Jihong Kim, Hogeun An, and Heather Babka.

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