Hypericum perforatum Species Overview

Experiment: MPGR

Sample Name HelpReplicates
Open Flower4
Whole Petal from Open Flower3
Petal Region with Glandular Nodules from Open Flower3
Petal Region without Glandular Nodules from Open Flower4
Whole Flower Bud4
Whole Flower Bud Petal3
Pistil, Stamen, and Sepal from Flower Bud3
Young Leaf2
Old Leaf2
Young Leaf Without Light Glands3
Mid-Aged Leaf Without Light Glands3
Old Leaf Without Light Glands3
Mid-Aged Root3
Root With Elongation Zone3
Pistil, Stamen, and Sepals from Open Flower3
Pistil, Stamen, and Sepals from Flower Bud3
Whole Mid aged Leaves3
Whole Young Leaves4
Whole Old Leaves3
Portion of leaves with light and dark glands4
Portion of leaves with only light glands3
Young Leaf With Light Glands From Same Plant As Leaf Without Light Glands3

2 Platforms

Platform: HPLC-UV 10um NH4AC, 9:1 ACN:MEOH

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+ Chromatography Metadata
Chromatography Instrument
Liquid or Gas chromatography?Liquid
ManufacturerBeckman Coulter
Model numberSystem gold 126 solvent module
Software package32 Karat Software
Version number or Date5.0
injection volume10 uL
Injector model/typeSystem Gold 508 Autosampler
method nameGanzera et al 2002
software version5.0
Separation column and pre/guard column
Internal diameter of column4 u
Length of column150 mm
Physical parameters150x4.6 mm
Product Name and catalogue number (year of ca00F-4337-E0
Stationary media compositionC12
Separation parameters
For GC, thermal gradient profilesN/A
For LC, solvent gradient profile87A/13B in 10 min to 83A/17B then in 25 minutes to 100B
GC injector temperatureN/A
Method nameHPLC metabolite profiling for Hypericum; Ganzera et al. 2002
Mobile phase compositionA-10 mM ammonium acetate at pH 5, B-9:1 acetonitrile/methanol
Mobile phase flow rate1 mL/min
Quality Control
Age of column (in chromatography cycles)>100
Age of septum (in chromatography cycles)>100
Do you estimate/determine chromatographic resNo
Do you use validation sample? If yes, what isYes, first sample run
Frequency of blank chromatogramsEvery 4 runs of plant material
Internal standardapigenin, added before grounding, concentration- 1 mg/mL
Data acquisition
SOP Protocol nameHPLC targeted metabolite profiling for Hypericum-1
Deviations from SOPUse .1 grams of fresh weight material, .05 g apigenin internal standard per run
OperatorMatt Crispin

Platform: Hypericum LC/TOF MS Negative Ion

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Growth conditions
location of growthgreenhouse
plant age at harvest6 Months
temperature (C)25
vegetative plant or reproducing plantReproductive
Variables Tested
age of material harvestedvariable
plant partvariable
time of harvest relative to light cycle variable
Harvest Info
DateMarch-June 2010
Harvester(s) Matt Crispin
Lab PIEve Wurtele
Was material harvested directly from wild popno

Sample 1:

Sample 2:

Metabolite Search


Chemically defined metabolites in this experiment:

    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-509.324-24.24
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-263.126-13.86
    [2M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-1099.784-25.21
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-549.384-25.21
    Amentoflavone-Hypericum targeted
    [2M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-1075.16-18.06
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-537.076-18.05
Amentoflavone isomer 1
    [2M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-1075.157-16.3
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-537.08-16.3
    [M+HCOO]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-583.082-16.3
Amentoflavone isomer 2
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-537.079-19.05
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-449.105-8.95
    [M+HCOO]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-495.107-8.93
Chlorogenic acid
    [M-3H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-351.067-3.37
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-353.085-0.34
    [2M-3H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-703.146-3.43
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-331.19-18.88
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-287.052-5.18
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-289.068-5.17
    [2M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-579.147-5.16
Furoadhyperforin isomer 1
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-565.382-23.99
Furoadhyperforin isomer 2
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-565.384-24.33
Furoadhyperforin isomer 3
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-565.387-25.15
Furoadhyperforin isomer 4
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-565.389-25.49
Furoadhyperforin isomer 5
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-565.388-25.67
Furoadhyperforin isomer 6
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-565.386-26.44
Furohyperforin isomer 1
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-551.37-23.48
Furohyperforin isomer 2
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-551.369-23.73
Furohyperforin isomer 3
    [2M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-1103.735-24.08
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-551.37-24.09
Furohyperforin isomer 4
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-551.37-24.81
Furohyperforin isomer 5
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-551.369-24.94
    [M+HCOO]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-597.375-24.86
Furohyperforin isomer 6
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-551.369-26.25
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-179.056-0.34
    [M+Cl]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-215.031-0.33
    [M+formate]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-225.06-0.34
Hyperevolutin A isomer 1
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-467.313-23.93
    [2M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-935.621-23.91
Hyperevolutin A isomer 2
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-467.312-24.9
    [2M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-935.628-24.88
Hyperevolutin B isomer 1
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-481.326-24.27
    [2M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-963.663-24.25
Hyperevolutin B isomer 2
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-481.327-25.18
    [2M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-1071.755-25.02
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-535.375-25.02
    Hyperforin-Hypericum targeted
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-503.072-24.45
    Hypericin-Hypericum targeted
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-463.082-9.44
    [2M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-927.168-9.48
    Hyperoside-Hypericum targeted
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-463.082-10.19
    Isoquercitrin-Hypericum targeted
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-285.037-17.84
Malic acid
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-133.013-0.36
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-317.027-13.96
Oxidized furohyperforin isomer 1
    [2M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-1135.732-23.73
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-567.364-23.72
Oxidized furohyperforin isomer 2
    [2M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-1135.732-25.64
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-567.366-25.64
Procyanidin B2
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-577.127-4.67
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-505.088-23.7
    Protohypericin-Hypericum targeted
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-521.083-21.27
    Protopseudohypericin-Hypericum targeted
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-519.067-21.79
    Pseudohypericin-Hypericum targeted
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-301.033-13.97
    Quercetin-Hypericum targeted
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-447.088-12.45
    [M+HCOO]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-493.09-12.46
    [2M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-895.179-12.49
    Quercitrin-Hypericum targeted
Quinic acid
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-191.051-0.34
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-609.136-10.62
    Rutin-Hypericum targeted
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-341.105-0.34
    [M+formate]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-387.111-0.33
Telmisartan (standard)
Yojironin D
    [M-H]- BG-Hyp-HPLC-E-NEG-F1-359.219-23.3